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September 14th, 2007

Viagra no prescription It occurred to me, viagra no prescription and I’m not sure why now after all this time, viagra no prescription that I haven’t put anything here in two years. Viagra no prescription If anyone ever reads this (I don’t track visits), viagra no prescription I should say that part of the delay is that we are spending as much time as possible with our 20-month old son, viagra no prescription Greg. Viagra no prescription I owe this blog the courtesy of trying to fill in the blanks, viagra no prescription because there is so much more to our story. Viagra no prescription

Viagra no prescription It was our intent to try to keep this as a contemporary record of our story–but I can understand that it would be hard for a reader to find solice in articles dated 2 years or more ago when you’re trying to find real people right now going through infertility treatment. Viagra no prescription So this entry is just to show that we’re still here. Viagra no prescription And grateful for the experience we went through. Viagra no prescription More later…

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Isoptin 120mg Pills $272.00

July 7th, 2005

Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 After completing the laporoscopy, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 we had been advised that the immediate month or two afterwards seemed to have an historically higher fertility rate for couples. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 So we immediately began a six-month regimen of Clomid. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00

Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 Oooh–a dilemna. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 The “Kaiser Way” combines Clomid with insemination, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 and only 6 monthly attempts at that. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 i.e. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 no sex. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 Here’s where the first religious issue pops up, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 surprisingly. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 Insemination is a science. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 It has a theory, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 a procedure, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 and sometimes it has results. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 It’s cold. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 It’s impersonal. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 It’s emotionless. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 It’s very frank, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 and it has to be done within a certain amount of time of “collecting” the semen sample. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00

Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 Where’s the love? Where’s the passion? Where’s the magic? Or for us, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 where is God’s miracle of creating a new life?

Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 Now, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 I’ll be honest, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 Jenny and I go to church every Sunday–heck, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 I’m the music director. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 We have a pretty good faith, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 but we’re not Bible-thumpers. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 We don’t preach, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 and we respect other peoples’ opinions–or at least their right to have those opinions. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 But we’ve been praying for years at this point for a child of our own. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 Now we’re venturing into an area where we’re relying on science, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 not God, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 to solve our problem. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 That, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 by definition, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 shows weakness in our faith in God. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00

Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 So, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 of those 6 Clomid/insemination cycles offered to us, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 we chose to use only the Clomid the first month, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 hoping that the medicine would enhance our chance of helping us create a child “naturally.”

Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 Cycle 1 didn’t work. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00

Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 Our drive to have a child forced us to get over our hesitation. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 Lesson #7: If you’re thinking about God and “naturally” creating a child, isoptin 120mg pills $272.00 realize that God can work any way He (or She!) chooses. It may be in a petri dish. Isoptin 120mg pills $272.00

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Cipro 750mg Pills $85.00

June 30th, 2005

Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 Kaiser may have a cookie-cutter process, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 but that doesn’t mean they’re expediant about it. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 It took us almost 7 months to get this procedure scheduled.

Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 In theory, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 this is no big deal. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 It’s an outpatient procedure under general anaesthesia. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 A small camera is inserted through an incision just below the woman’s navel and it allows a surgeon to look for any blockage of the fallopian tubes, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 etc… The surgeon also has the option of using a small laser to correct issues, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 such as early stages of endomytriosis. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00

Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 We, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 however, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 perceived it as a big deal. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 It had the possibility of telling us nothing (read as: no answers to be found here) or something (read as: massive endomytriosis or other blockage of the tubes denying us any chance of having children). Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 We hadn’t, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 at this point, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 begun to discuss the concept of child-free living, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 so all of our hopes rested on the doctor’s discoveries. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 Also, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 I’m a protective husband, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 and my wife was under general anaesthesia–no matter how simple the procedure, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 doctors still make you sign the waiver saying that death is a possibility! Huh?

Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 I was also worried about Jenny’s mental state too–she’s a very sensitive and thoughtful person, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 and this roller-coaster we’d been on for more than 2 years by now was a lot to bear. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 I decided to try to cover the bases for for either scenario–I worked out a deal with my local florist that if I promised to buy about 12 bouquets of flowers, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 she would “loan” me the vases (saves $$$). Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 I was then able to cover our bedroom with loads of flowers to either cheer her up after bad news, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 or to help celebrate good news. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00

Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 In the end, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 the doctor discovered, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 and was able to remove, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 early stage endomytriosis. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 She said that it might come back, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 but for the time being, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 it would not prevent us from moving forward. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 This was VERY good news for us. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 And yes, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 Jenny loved the flowers!

Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 Lesson #6: Infertility is a couples’ issue, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 not a woman’s issue. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 Husbands, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 there are a lot of things you don’t have to do in this process–including the endless procession of appointments just having blood tests done. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00 But in the end, cipro 750mg pills $85.00 it will be the things that you did do together that you’ll remember. Cipro 750mg pills $85.00

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Flovent 125mcg Inhalation Canister $94.00

June 30th, 2005

Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 We didn’t give up, flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 thankfully, flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 after that first doctor all but blew us off. Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 We found another doctor within our HMO who actually listened. Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 We went through several months of various medicines to no avail, flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 however. Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 Then we tried an HSG–hysterosalpingogram. Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 This is a not so pleasant , flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 and somewhat expensive procedure–common, flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 too, flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 for infertility. Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 This one was out of pocket–!!! At this point, flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 he mentioned a few other options that we discovered weren’t going to be covered by our current health plan. Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 It was time to do some research.

Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 [Sidebar: an HSG involves having a woman’s uterus temporarily filled with a special dye that allows doctors to look for blockage in the fallopian tubes via x-rays]

Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 Lesson #5: Know your insurance plans. Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 We were a bit skeptical about leaving our HMO in favor of a monolithic organization like Kaiser Permanente–but in the end, flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 they covered just about everything EXCEPT IVF. Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 In our case, flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 Kaiser seems to have a cookie-cutter approach–and a class or seminar–for every ailment known to humans. Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 Infertility is no different. Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 They did say that if we had already been through some of the introductory steps that we could skip forward to whatever is next. Flovent 125mcg inhalation canister $94.00 What’s next was the laporoscopy.

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Viagra 100mg Pills (Brand) 50 $308.00

June 29th, 2005

Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 Oh such a huge distinction!

Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 I went to college in the Shenendoah Valley in the Virginia mountains years ago not far from the University of Virginia–at a time when UVA was arguably the center of the political correctness movement. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 Not only did our school have an unabashed dislike of our sister state school, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 I developed a dislike of all things PC. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 I get the concept, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 I developed a better respect for all things different from me–but it went way overboard. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00

Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 That being said, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 it seems hypocritical of me to adopt the term child-free. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 But we both latched on to the concept once we really understood what it could mean for us.

Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 For years we’ve been peppered with questions about when we were going to have kids. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 Other times, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 we’d talk about a friend having a baby and another friend would quip, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 ” well, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 you know it’s contagious…” It seemed that society EXPECTED us to have kids, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 or we were abnormal. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 Or selfish, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 even. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 Selfish? Why should we be labelled as selfish? We could silence the questions by saying that we haven’t been able to have kids for years–but then that would invoke comments of sympathy, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 which, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 while comforting, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 is not something we want to spend the rest of our lives hearing. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 At some point, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 we might have to accept the lack of children and just move on… try to take advantage of other wonderful opportunities this world has to offer. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00

Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 It really made us think. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 Extend this thought process to people who openly choose not to have children, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 without ever having tried. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 Who are we to cast judgement on them for choosing a different path from the child-bearing couples? People with no kids have fewer obligations–maybe they’ll be the ones to start up a charity or devote themselves to some service organization, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 because they can. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 Maybe they won’t, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 but who knows?

Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 I will tell you this, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 though. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 We found a drawback to child-free living that made us choose to keep trying–at least for a while. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 This is where it gets a little selfish–ironically, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 for NOT having kids. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 When you’re 80 years old, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 and laying in a nursing home, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 who’s going to visit you? Still, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 the corollary to this is that: 1. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 you may not live long enough to worry about that, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 and 2. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 perhaps you’ll live your life in such a way that your “family” is not bound by bloodlines–you’ll have friends at that home, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 you’ll have surrogate grand-children galore through your friends’ kids, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 through church, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 through any number of avenues. Viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 Lesson #4: If you choose a child-free life, viagra 100mg pills (brand) 50 $308.00 take every advantage of every possibility this lifestyle has to offer!

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Salmeterol 25mcg Inhaler $100.00

June 29th, 2005

Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 Our friend Ann, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 the midwife, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 did her best to help us collect information that a doctor would want to know. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 We tracked Jenny’s oral temperature for months, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 looking for spikes in temperature to indicate the best time of the month for sex. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 We tried monitoring diets. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 We tried an old “wives tale” that involved the whites of chicken eggs (go look for info on that some where else–I’m not touching that one!). Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 By the time we finally got to see a doctor, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 we had a pretty thick file of information to bring him. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00

Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 Speaking of doctors, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 our first one was an OB that was also a “fertility specialist.” He had delivered the children of a number of our friends and had come highly recommended. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 We saw him exactly once. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 It was a disaster. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00

Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 We had an appointment late in the afternoon. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 We were nervous and anxious and excited and looking forward to the help and, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 hopefully, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 some answers. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 He was 45 minutes behind schedule. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 He had a rough day and an unexpected delivery earlier. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 By the time he got to us, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 he was exhausted. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 We tried to explain our situation, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 and handed him our thick file–he glanced–and I mean glanced–at it and immediately declared that we had virtually no chance of conceiving without in vitro fertilization. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00

Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 Jenny was devastated–I was too stunned. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 Jenny tried asking him some questions that he kind of waved off as inconsequential. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 We left his office, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 and Jenny was in tears before we got to the car. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 We lived only a mile or so away, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 so when we got home, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 I dropped her off and immediately went back to the doctor’s office. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 I demanded to speak to him, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 and right then and there I insisted that he call Jenny and apologize–while I listened, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 not later that week. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 He did, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 but in a “I’m sorry you feel that way” kind of manner. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 I felt bad that he had a bad day, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 but don’t take it out on us. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 So we never went back. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 Lesson #3: Friends’ recommendations are good resources, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 but in the end, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 you need to make your own decisions. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 This last part, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 making your own decisions, salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $100.00 will come into play later–see “child-free living.”

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Epivir 150mg Pills $96.00

June 28th, 2005

Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 This was harder for me than Jenny. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 Just call it stubborn “guy pride.” You know the process of seeking a doctor’s help is going to involve this ridiculous thing called a “sperm count.” On a primal level (and arguably sexist), epivir 150mg pills $96.00 it kind of questions your manhood. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 What if your count is low? What if you’re sterile? Did you get hit by one too many baseballs in the groin when your were a kid? Is it your fault?

Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 Then the more rational, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 caring side of you kicks in. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 What if everything shows that you’re normal? That means that your wife is probably going to go through the same kinds of questions–and many more–about herself. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 Remember, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 we’re talking about basic, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 primal body function. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 In anthropology, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 the basic function of any organism is to thrive and reproduce. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 We went through months of conversations about “why aren’t we normal?” We never, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 however, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 pointed the finger at each other. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 Even if we found a medical reason for our difficulty. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00

Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 Lesson #2: Fertility specialist/doctors DON’T have all the answers. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 Good ones will admit this. There are just too many variables. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 We later discovered that, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 while Jenny had a mild–and correctible–form of endomytriosis and I had a motile sperm count so high the lab techs quit counting–there was no way to say that it was Jenny’s problem. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 Right from the outset we would joke about how I produced “party sperm”–how there may be millions of them, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 they’re just out to have a good time. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 Because unless they happen to be in the general area of the egg, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 they’re not going to do anything productive… It turns out that there is a theory about the chromosomes in sperm being “fractured” in some people–rendering them virtually useless. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 However, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 it’s only a theory, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 and there are only a few labs in the U.S. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 that do this kind of analysis–we didn’t bother. Epivir 150mg pills $96.00

Epivir 150mg pills $96.00 In the end, epivir 150mg pills $96.00 we did decide to seek help–which leads to the game of Insurance Company Bingo… coming up in a few posts…

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Clomipramine 75mg Pills $161.00

June 27th, 2005

Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 Jenny and I have been married about 10 years now. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 When we first married, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 we decided to wait to have kids until we became more financially secure. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 Jenny teaches elementary school, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 and has for about 12 years now. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 Jason (me) has held numerous low-level jobs in music and video production before heading to grad school to study electrical engineering. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 In fact, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 we were both in grad school at the same time, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 so as we neared completion, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 we knew it was time to start trying. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 By this time, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 Jenny had been on birth control pills over 5 years–quite a long time. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00

Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 We went through 5 or 6 months of disappointment, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 not thinking anything of it. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 At this point, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 I took on a new job–and a sizable commute to match. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 We decided to hold off a few months as I settled in, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 and then resumed our effort.

Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 This went on for several more months. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 Jenny read several books to see if we were missing something simple. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 At the same time, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 we started talking to some close friends, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 John and Ann (whose names will probably show throughout this blog). Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 Ann happens to be a midwife, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 and a VERY good listener. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 She and Jenny had a number of discussions on the side, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 and even though we eventually had to seek more help, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 the talks were therapeutic. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 Lesson Number 1: It’s okay to talk to people about it. I’m not saying everyone, clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 but find a confidant. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00

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